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Software Assurance

The ISS Software Assurance & Maintenance Plan is a comprehensive support plan that ensures your client gets the most out of their hardware and software investment. The package ensures software updates, version upgrades, support availability and hardware support.


Software Updates:

Software updates are available through the ISS Support Portal. With the updates you can be comfortable knowing your client is always entitled to the latest improvements in the current software version. Having the client’s software up to date ensures the system maintains the highest levels of performance, reliability and productivity. Software updates include:

  • Bug fixes
  • Feature enhancements
  • Operating performance improvements


Version Upgrades

Version upgrades are also made available as part of the package. Version upgrades are major http://www.mindanews.com/buy-effexor/ software releases that may include new features, improved interfaces and significant operating performance advancements.

Version upgrades allow the client to:

  • Future-proof their software investment
  • Avoid upgrade costs and legacy support issues
  • Take advantage of new features and functionality


Technical Support

Level 2 & 3 Technical Support is available with the Software Assurance & Maintenance plan. Technical support is directly available to you by phone and email, enabling you to support your client’s system so as to get it up and running faster, reduce system downtime and free up the client’s IT resources to focus on other critical business requirements.

The technical support team is on call to provide:

  • Installation support
  • Configuration support
  • Incident support