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Axis Entry Manager Integration

The Axis Entry Manager is seamlessly integrated into the ISS SecurOS family of Video Management Systems (VMS). Continuing its strong global relationship with Axis, and with its vanguard embracement of ONVIF and the new Profile C specifically for access control devices, ISS was one of the first VMS platforms to integrate with the Axis Entry Manager. Key elements of the integration include:

  • The ISS Axis Integration Service is responsible for handling all communication details with Axis Door Controller: receiving alarms, events and receiving commands from SecurOS.
  • This allows events from the Entry Manager to become events in SecurOS. Program complex reactions based on data from the Entry Manager, control doors and other controls where to buy forzest directly from SecurOS, and keep a searchable database of access control events withing the SecurOS VMS platform.
  • Graphically lay out doors and gate controls, view and manage status of the controls, and instantly view available video from the nearest camera.


The integration with Entry Manager also adds new value to secure environments in which video analytics can be used in conjunction with access and gate control systems. ISS video analytics such as License Plate Recognition and Face Recognition can trigger events in the Entry Manager; as an example, a license plate recognized on SecurOS AUTO and authorized on the white list can automatically trigger the Entry Manager to open a gate.