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Urban surveillance presents a security challenge in its very scope. To guard a city against multiple threats, manage policing and citizen assistance roles, and be completely fail-safe requires technology and system architecture that is resilient and proven.  The ISS urban surveillance strategy is centered on the SecurOS “All in One” platform.

Urban Surveillance

Urban surveillance presents a security challenge in its very scope. To guard a city against multiple threats, manage policing and citizen assistance roles, and be completely fail-safe requires technology and system architecture that is resilient and proven.  The ISS urban surveillance strategy is centered on the SecurOS “All in One” platform.

ISS urban surveillance solutions incorporate a myriad of intelligent technologies that envelop a city within a “safety blanket”.  To function properly and deliver value, ISS solutions are highly scalable and extensible.  Cities, municipalities, and counties require a system that can grow with the needs of its law enforcement and emergency personnel management.  As such, the system deployed today needs to be future-proof for long term ROI.  Camera counts will likely grow, new functionalities may be needed, and most importantly, the system must evolve to meet new threats and security requirements as they are realized.  Most importantly, the system must be proactive and assist in preventing incidents, rather than only providing post-incident forensics.

Utilizing enterprise level video management and the advanced ISS suite of video analytics is a key component.  Equally critical are several of the key features in SecurOS Premium and Enterprise, including scripting, which allows customization of alarms and responses at a programmatic level.  New features can often be added to the system simply by enabling new scripts to handle complex alarm management.  As an example, using multi-zone motion detection, with specific user-defined commands in custom scripts, new functionalities such as dynamic alarms or advanced video motion detection (VMD) can be rapidly programmed and utilized.  Another feature of the system of critical value is the advanced User Rights Management in ISS SecurOS platforms, allowing varying permission levels for every camera or sensor on the system on a per-user or per-group basis.  This allows multiple security personnel with different use needs, as well as multiple agencies, to share and act on data specific to their needs, allowing for personnel to focus on specific visualization needs, rather than be overwhelmed with possibly non-relevant data.

Tying the entire security topography into a cohesive situational awareness visualization is the SecurOS Monitoring and Control Center (MCC), which aggregates geographically diverse sites into a centralized and integrated command and control infrastructure. The MCC central management stations can receive, display, record video and manage events as well as all video analytics modules and externally integrated systems.




Safe City Solutions – The scalable system topology generates ready immediate value for the solution – new functionalities and capabilities can generally be added with minimal software management.  The system can grow organically – from a few cameras in a specific region or zone to thousands of cameras on multiple networks in a unified security solution.  Multiple municipal and law enforcement departments can share the same system, which translates into economies of scale. In addition, SecurOS solutions easily integrate with other systems, such as burglar and fire alarms, Building Management Systems (BMS) and biometrics, which further enhances the security process.

Video analytics, including License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Facial Recognition, automates and improves the security process. Known suspects can be spotted when they enter areas like subways or municipal buildings, so that law enforcement can be alerted. Highly intelligent LPR allows authorities to track a suspicious vehicle in real time.  Objects left behind can be detected so that potential incidents can be averted. For citizens this all translates into improved quality of life through real security measures.

The ISS approach to urban surveillance is proven in major urban areas around the world and helps make cities and municipalities safer as well as improve the overall quality of life.

Facilities and Campuses

From K-12 schools to universities to corporate campuses, security and facilities personnel need to be both cost conscious and thorough when they procure new security solutions.

Office complexes, nursing homes, and other facilities face similar challenges due to legal and economic pressures.  SecurOS addresses the need facilities and campuses have for highly intelligent, proactive software that can help prevent incidents.  A key element of the required solution is the provision for scalability; as needs grow, and new threats and security considerations emerge, the deployed solution must be able to evolve and grow to meet new challenges.  The capability to integrate a variety of systems to give a comprehensive visualization for security professionals sets ISS apart from traditional VMS solutions.

Remote monitoring capabilities allow one to monitor several campuses or facilities at once, which enhances security staff utilization.  Collaboration between facilities staff and law enforcement is enabled in a crisis with both parties able to share information quickly and efficiently. Forensic video evidence regarding accidents, physical altercations, and illicit activities can be retrieved instantly. At the same time, proactive alert features can let staff know of potential incidents, whether it involves an altercation, an emergency situation, or when a known suspect has entered an area.

Interoperability is a key need for facility  and campus security.  ISS boasts a completely open system architecture in which virtually any device can be integrated into the system.  Utilizing multiple integration methodologies, from an API/SDK, to I/O integration, to integration of external databases, the SecurOS platform allows for a single visualization layer to streamline building/campus security management.

Single Site Installations – For a single location deployment, ISS’ entry level solutions, SecurOS Xpress and Professional, are value oriented approaches with the capability to scale up to more enterprise solutions.  With the ability to manage hundreds of cameras and audio devices, multiple video servers, simple integration through I/O, as well as robust video and user management functionalities, SecurOS Professional represents a very powerful and scalable solution for most deployments.  If video analytics, more advanced integration, or features such as Active Directory integration, scripting, or failover are required, the system can easily be scaled up to SecurOS Premium or Enterprise.

Distributed Site Deployments – The ability to manage multiple sites within the same locality or in varying regions is one of the key features of the ISS SecurOS line of video management solutions.  SecurOS provides extensive video management capabilities, integrates with legacy and other third party systems, and provides a robust user interface for visualization and management of an entire security topology.  The SecurOS Premium and Enterprise software versions also allow optional video analytics modules such as License Plate Recognition (ANPR/LPR) and Face Recognition (FCR) to be implemented into the solution.

At the SecurOS Enterprise level, there is no limitation to the number of sites, servers, cameras or devices, allowing for very large facilities and/or campuses to be managed completely from the SecurOS platform.  All ISS SecurOS solutions are scalable, so facilities can grow the system as their needs grow.

Parking Solutions / Vehicle Management – The SecurOS Auto (ANPR/LPR) system is a recognized solution for management of vehicles in facilities and campus environments.  From managing and automating vehicle access, to scheduled permitted entry for vendors and suppliers, to integration with parking solutions, SecurOS Auto is a very flexible solution that can be used on a stand-alone basis or integrated into a complete security solution for vehicle management.  The system has been engineered to work natively with the SecurOS VMS platforms, and as such allows seamless interoperability and integration with video management and other systems integrated into the SecurOS architecture.  The system can be used to automatically manage gate controls, time-stamp entry/exit for parking management, and track vehicles through multiple choke-points.  SecurOS allows transforms a security deployment into a proactive and often revenue-generating enterprise solution.


SecurOS solutions address the multifaceted challenges of transportation security, from transportation hubs such as rail stations and airports, to logistics facilities, to intelligent roadways.  The varied and unique need of each type of deployment requires the ability for the video management platform to be adaptable and easily configurable to meet the needs of very diverse security challenges.  Video analytics play an increasing important role in meeting the needs of transportation security personnel.   Implementation of video analytics solutions such as Face Recognition, Object Tracking, Unidentified Object Detection, Cargo and Train Carriage Recognition, and Intelligent Traffic Monitoring, allow for a much more proactive solution to meet emerging threats in this critical component of the national infrastructure.

The all-in-one approach that combines VMS and video analytics provides convenience, cost and time savings, and the reliability of one vendor.  The end to end combined SecurOS VMS and video analytics solutions provide the interconnectedness and up to the second alerts necessary for real-time security for all related sectors of ground, air, and sea transport.  SecurOS solutions are easy to use and provide economies of scale so that departments at the Federal, state, and municipal level, as well as commercial operators of logistics and transport hubs, can communicate and share information, all based on individual levels of clearances.  This interoperability results in public safety in areas like subways, airports, and rail stations to be dramatically increased. 

Traffic monitoring features increase highway safety by providing relevant statistical data and incident alerts, and highlighting traffic patterns that can be shared with TV stations and the public at large. Remote monitoring capabilities allow monitoring of several highways at once, and make it possible to do more with less staff, and in the process reduce costs and increase overall efficiency of operations.

The power of interoperability is showcased in SecurOS Monitoring and Control Center (MCC), which aggregates geographically diverse sites into a centralized and integrated command and control infrastructure. The MCC central management stations can receive, display, record video and manage events as well as all video analytics modules and externally integrated systems.

SecurOS technology is being used for traffic monitoring all over the world to make highways safer.  A key factor for the success of SecurOS Traffic is its ability to easily integrate with third party systems that are dedicated for traffic management.  SecurOS Traffic can provide a variety of information critical to maintaining and operating Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).  SecurOS Traffic monitors traffic flow and detects incidents such as accidents and objects on roadways.  Real time statistical analysis, including average speed and vehicle counts can trigger proactive response or be used in historical analysis.

SecurOS Auto (ANPR/LPR) in toll booths or along highways effectively tracks vehicles and can be a critical asset in times of emergencies or for violations management.  Two versions of the SecurOS Auto solution, one for speeds up to 25 mph (40 km/h) and one for higher speeds up to 110 mph (180 km/h) allows operators and engineers the flexibility to cost effectively match the solution  based on the specific need of each location.  SecurOS Auto has a deep integration with the SecurOS Premium and Enterprise line of VMS, allowing the module to harness the power of a full featured VMS, from user rights management, to distribution of data and video, to the ability to manage complex events and integrate with third party systems such as gate controls.

SecurOS Cargo processes container IDs accurately in all lighting and weather conditions.  SecurOS LPR tracks trucks entering and leaving checkpoints, automating and improving processing times.  The container recognition solution can further be integrated with weight systems,  identifying any weight discrepancies between checkpoints to ensure compliance as well as prevent shrinkage/loss.

SecurOS Facial Recognition identifies drivers and other personnel, assuring that only authorized personnel are entering secure areas.


Rail systems worldwide are increasing their safety and overall effectiveness with SecurOS Solutions. SecurOS Facial Recognition is being used in subways to identify those with known criminal or otherwise problematic histories with the subway. In this way, such individual can be immediately identified and removed from the area before there is an incident. For rail cargo, SecurOS can be used to count train cars as well automating processing times with immediate character recognition of individual rail cars.  There is also easy integration with third party systems such as RFID, weight analysis, etc.  In the event of an alarm, immediate event management capabilities are possible, both simplified responses such as sending alerts to very complex event responses such as alerting proper personnel, locking down areas, sharing access across multiple agencies, and providing video on demand to mobile security personnel.

Critical Infrastructure

Water and electrical facilities, nuclear energy sites, factories and many other related sectors have all come to rely heavily on video surveillance as an essential part of their security. The all-in-one solutions of ISS, which entail both video management and video analytic software, address many of the pain points that are involved in this complex security scenario.


A multitude of integrated solutions, including video management (VMS), license plate recognition (ANPR/LPR), facial recognition, and container number recognition, can all be deployed in tandem to form a security blanket around critical infrastructure sites. Video alerts can address both security and safety concerns before they become a problem. At the industrial level, surveillance can also be used to monitor productivity.

Whether its concerns on the industrial front or areas like the national energy grid, water supplies and nuclear sites on the homeland security side, government and corporate leaders worldwide demand proactive video surveillance solutions to address security concerns. The all-in-one solutions of ISS have proven success in this arena.

Easy integration with other solutions, such as Building Management Systems (BMS), life safety, biometrics, and access control, improves the overall security process. SecurOS Solutions have proven success with Industry, Energy and National Infrastructure deployments. The end result has been reduced theft and greater safety in many different projects around the world. In addition, automated security features have substantially reduced cargo processing times in the industrial realm. Centralized monitoring capabilities reduce overall security costs with the ability to virtually patrol several facilities at once.

Port security encompasses the security as well as compliance of ports, harbors, and general maritime domains.  Included within port security are seaports and terminals, but the cargo and essential systems also found within.

ISS’ port and maritime solutions are comprehensive and transformative in the manner in which ports are secured by ISS technologies.  From an enterprise level VMS solution that integrates with multiple port management systems, including cargo-related solutions, to multi-level management and operation that combine multiple agencies, terminals, and operators into a comprehensive but distributed visualization solution, to industry leading video analytics developed specifically for port and maritime deployments, ISS is a clear leader in port and maritime security solutions.

The revolutionary ISS SecurOS Cargo, for the recognition of cargo container ISO numbers, utilizes standard commercially available cameras and no additional infrastructure to register and track containers at a very high level of accuracy, and in compliance with ISPS code.  With a global inventory of more than 12 million containers, the shipping and maritime industry relies heavily on being able to track and move containers efficiently and without delay.  SecurOS provides a very flexible cargo container number recognition solution, in which cameras may be attached on cranes or at checkpoints, and can track containers throughout their time within a port or other intermodal facility.  Of significant value to the solutions is the need for no proprietary equipment, and the speed with which containers are read, leading to no slow down to operations.

SecurOS is a proven solution, already deployed in some of the world’s largest port facilities, and its implementation can result in immediate and measurable ROI.

From refineries and energy complexes to industrial and petro-chemical plants, ISS solutions have been deployed in some of the world’s most relevant critical infrastructure facilities.  ISS’ flexible solution integrates a variety of SecurOS modules and video analytics systems, but also manages and/or provides visualization for a variety of third party systems, including the ability to integrate chemical/radiation detection systems, smart fencing and other perimeter solutions, SCADA solutions, and other industry-specific solutions.  A variety of image analytics solutions, from face recognition, license plate recognition, smart video motion detection and object tracking, provide comprehensive perimeter and interior security, for even the most secure of facilities.  A distributed architecture, and support for completely automated failover, enhance the enterprise security solution that the ISS SecurOS line of video management systems offer.

Law Enforcement and Corrections

Law Enforcement and First Responders / Emergency Management personnel require actionable intelligence to successfully conduct their duties.  The ISS SecurOS video management platform and the associated video analytics that are required by law enforcement personnel empower agencies and staff with greater efficiencies, more real-time information, and a variety of forensics tools to achieve their operational and strategic objectives.  In less time and for less cost.

Corrections officers and prison management require similar tools but generally in a more tightly managed location, but with a very high level of mission critical needs.  ISS, with over twenty years of expertise in developing stable and powerful VMS solutions, has earned the reputation for software with virtually no downtime, and failover capabilities that ensure the level of redundancy and security required in even the most locked-down facilities.

Law Enforcement – Providing video management at a city-wide level integrated with systems that law enforcement officers need, such as mobile LPR, police and emergency vehicle tracking, and integration with law enforcement databases and CAD systems allow for an enterprise law enforcement solution.  Additional enhancements such as Traffic Monitoring using the SecurOS Traffic video analytics module allows law enforcement personnel to track and manage traffic in real time, detect accidents, and motor vehicle violations.

The system can be used in diverse ways by different governmental departments, which translates into economies of scale. Urban centers around the world have benefited from SecurOS Safe Cities. With its comprehensive focus on building, road, and rail safety, and a host of automated features, as well as remote monitoring and mobile viewing capabilities, it enhances the difficult work conducted by law enforcement personnel every day, resulting in lower overall costs and greater efficiencies, while improving safety and overall quality of life.

SecurOS solutions provide a collaborative work environment, including for first responders, which can be crucial in an emergency.  A proactive security approach alerts law enforcement to potential incidents, such as a bag left on platform, or a known suspect in the vicinity.

Corrections – Virtually no downtime.  SecurOS has a multitude of features, and a variety of optional video analytics enhancements that make the jobs of correctional officers more productive.  But none is as critical as the stability and availability of the system.   SecurOS Enterprise has a redundancy capability with failover, but the high-availability of the software makes failover a virtually unneeded secondary measure – it’s there for peace of mind.  Security personnel further have a variety of ongoing tasks that demand their attention, and as such, the simplicity of the SecurOS platform means little training is required to become familiar with the usage of the solution.

Video analytics such as Face Recognition for secure areas and as a secondary level of access management, License Plate Recognition for visitor and staff management, and Object Tracking and advanced video motion detection with multi-alarm zones for perimeter management, allow the system to become the first line of security at corrections facilities around the globe.

Banking and Finance

Today’s banks demand highly intelligent, proactive security solutions that can address everything from crime to customer retention issues. SecurOS has proven success in banking and financial institutions around the world.  ISS solutions have made it possible for banks around the world to centralize their security operations, streamlining and automating processes, integrating with other systems, providing proactive alerts about potential issues, and driving efficiencies by freeing security personnel from many mundane tasks.


The two-fold combination of video management and video analytic software addresses a multitude of bank security issues. ISS provides comprehensive risk management and security solutions for the banking and financial sector:

    • Protection of bank personnel
    • Surveillance of bank assets
    • Protection of unauthorized areas
    • Integration of ATM Security


Facial Recognition can be used as a forensic tool in ATM and check fraud cases as well as theft. It can be used to let staff know when a VIP customer has entered the building or to alert security and law enforcement when a known criminal is in the vicinity. Standard multi-zone motion detection across all SecurOS platforms can alert security staff when individuals have been lingering too long outside the building.

Centralized monitoring capabilities allow security staff to virtually patrol several branches at once, which increases overall security and at the same time lowers costs. Integration with other systems, such as burglar and fire alarms, also enhances security. Smart search and instantaneous search within the video archive allows for quick resolution of issues, such as check fraud or the need to track serial numbers, and instant identification of suspects.

The ATM Transaction Synchronization module for SecurOS offers a host of unique features, including the ability to easily locate videos of transactions based on amount, account number, and customer name. The forensics tool can be used to resolve fraudulent incidents as well as transaction disputes. In addition, alerts can be sent if a customer enters the wrong pin number more than once or tries to withdraw cash several times in a short time period. Video can be reviewed and monitored at a central station or from each branch.


ATM and retail branch video can be aggregated on a unified platform, allowing for a comprehensive security solution.  Video and events can be stored locally, but managed at a regional or centralized location, freeing staff to focus on more critical events.  The SecurOS platform’s distributed and multi-tier architecture allows banks and financial institutions the flexibility to develop a solution centered on their existing Concept of Operations (ConOps), with access and permissions for the system managed at an enterprise level.

The system can be further optimized for private banking clients and other VIPs with Face Recognition at public lobbies or for access to secure areas such as vaults or other secure rooms.  License Plate Recognition can be deployed at drive-through banking to speed up transactions or for a secondary layer of verification.  The SecurOS Object Tracking suite of solutions may similarly be deployed to detect loiterers or other suspicious activity.  In its entirety, the SecurOS VMS solution and video analytics can provide banks and financial institutions with a comprehensive and layered approach to security that meets the need today, and scales to meet future needs as well.

Financial institutions’ back office and data centers require comprehensive security.  ISS SecurOS video management systems and video analytics can work in conjunction to secure even the most sensitive locations.  SecurOS solutions offer multi-level user permission sets, integration with Active Directory, integration with a variety of third party security and building management solutions, distribution of video for remote monitoring or mobile viewing, as well as the industry’s most advanced user customization capability, the SecurOS scripting interface.

Implementation of ISS video analytics such as SecurOS Face and SecurOS Auto add an additional element of security and automation.  Face Recognition can be used for general access or as a secondary verification tool in conjunction with existing access control systems.  The SecurOS Auto analytics can completely automate vehicle and parking management, manage visitor access, track vehicle access/egress, as well as be used as a secondary means of tracking time-in-facility of personnel.


With a focus on loss prevention, safety, and KPIs, ISS is helping retailers worldwide to shore up their bottom lines through automated security procedures.  Retail stores demand a variety of video surveillance solutions that must all work in tandem for optimum effect. In addition to addressing safety issues for customers, employees, and property, a comprehensive solution must also encompass Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so crucial to survival in this industry. SecurOS solutions offer a complete operating solution in which VMS and video analytics address all the major components of industry security.


The ability to deal with shrinkage, Point of Sale (POS) issues, KPIs, and the safety of customers and staff with one system and one vendor simplifies installation and service issues, and in the process saves stores time and money.
ISS’s open platform provides easy integration with access control, RFID, fire and intrusion alarms, as well as Building Management Systems (BMS).

Facial Recognition can alert staff if someone with a problematic history enters the store. A unified operating system using VMS, Facial Recognition and License Plate Recognition (LPR) can track a person from the time they enter the parking lot to when they leave, and be used for both preventive as well as forensic purposes. Remote monitoring features allow one to monitor several stores at once, streamlining security processes and making it possible to do more with less staff.

People counting software feature makes stores more efficient as it can address how much staff is needed at particular times as well as the best place to put displays.

SecurOS solutions eliminate guesswork related to theft, accidents and cash register disputes. By zeroing in on the source of the problem, whether it involves stolen items, POS issues, or slip and fall cases, SecurOS gives stores the information they need to efficiently resolve issues. Such streamlined security processes prevent unnecessary and costly legal and investigative services.



ISS offers POS Transaction Monitoring and Synchronization as an optional module on the SecurOS line of video management software.  SecurOS  links live video with transaction data from a POS system and  allows search of specific transactions and review of the exact video archive of that transaction.

SecurOS POS provides full video documentation on selected transaction IDs, item numbers, terminal numbers, employees, customers, payment details, or stores in any combination you wish.  the solution effectively combats fraud and loss occurring in transactions.  It integrates with other ISS analytics to provide a complete retail solution, including recognition of known shoplifters, inventory management, after-hours surveillance, license plate recognition for gas stations, etc.

The solution can scale from a single POS terminal to hundreds of terminal in multiple locations to give loss prevention personnel a macro-cosmic view of the entire retail concern’s enterprise.