School Safety and Security

ISS – Intelligent Security Systems is offering FREE facial recognition analytics for every school door plus one FREE facial recognition camera per school, with the purchase of ISS’ powerful SecurOS™ Video Management System. Together, they have the power to identify potential threats on school grounds and immediately push alerts to SRO’s while simultaneously alerting authorities to help prevent potentially dangerous situations from escalating and significantly reducing engaged time in worst case scenario/active shooter. In addition to increasing school safety and security, our unique surveillance solution can assist with daily administrative activities. State and district aid may be available to help fund this powerful solution, but you can get the ball rolling with a FREE consultation with our team of K-12 security experts.

ISS Facial Recognition 
SecurOS FACE is an Image Analytics Module for SecurOS and provides Face Capture & Recognition with an extremely high accuracy level in a wide variety of challenging conditions. The high level of accuracy is due to ISS’ image analytics technology, and advanced algorithms, which identifies and matches an individual’s specific features with uncompromising attention to every detail.

Product features:

  • No Special Camera Required
  • Specify Customized Reactions to Positive Comparison
  • Simultaneous multiple Face Detections
  • Face Capture during High-speed Movements
  • Single Click access to video associated to faces
  • Controlled Area Search & Capture
  • Automatic Optimal Face Position, Transmission, & Comparison
  • Multiple Camera Environment
  • Remote Database Query, Monitoring & Storage
  • Integrate Access Control, Biometrics & Other Devices
  • High speed of identification – less than 1 second
  • Instant information search in video archive
  • Automatic notification (telephone, e-mail, sms, external output)
  • Multiple Face Captures per server, unlimited number of aggregate face capture detectors within a security network all reporting to one centralized Face Recognition Database


Key Applications of SecurOS FACE

  • Automatic registration and saving in database of video image, date, time and face coordinates on the video
  • Comparison of information at arrival / departure of persons
  • Integration with Time and Attendance systems
  • Recognition of V.I.P. Guests or Unwanted persons