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SecurOS POS & ATM Transaction Monitoring provides full video documentation on selected transaction IDs, item numbers, terminal numbers, employees, customers, payment details, or stores in any combination you wish.


Traffic Scanner

SecurOS TrafficScanner detects in real time the most common types of traffic violations, which include speeding, red light violations, and exiting onto oncoming traffic.  TrafficScanner  operates in conjunction with SecurOS Auto detects the violation, “tying” it to the license plate number of the vehicle.

TrafficScanner supports geographically distributed network solutions with a multi-site architecture and a single data repository.  It allows for the video monitoring of traffic violations on the scale of specific highways or complete cities.  Similar to other ISS smart recognition solutions, the module scales from small deployments to architectures of unlimited cameras.

The video monitoring system of traffic violations supports integration with traffic and law enforcement databases, allowing one to identify the owner of the vehicle who has committed a violation, and to simplify and automate the process of managing citations.  The system also supports automatic search of car records, i.e., stolen cars.

The primary advantages of the introduction of video monitoring system for traffic offenses are:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring of the situation on the roads, which allows to record all cases of offenses in the area of video monitoring;
  • Increase efficiency by issuance of citations with minimal human interaction; allowing law enforcement to dedicate more time to more critical activities.
  • Identification of speeding violations, detection of vehicles driving through red lights, driving  onto oncoming traffic and other traffic offenses;
  • Automatically receive information about the owner of the vehicle from existing traffic and law enforcement databases;
  • Combine an unlimited number of observation locations (sites)  and collection  of all traffic violations in a single system;
  • Collect data about all the violations that occurred in single or multiple  database with gathered  information about the license plate of the vehicle, type of offense, time, date and place of the offense defined by the radar, as well as saved photos and links to the corresponding video clip in the archive. Additionally, the database stores information about the camera and radar, from which data was received  with corresponding information (records);
  • Display on the operator’s monitor, records about the offense and generate instant alerts (e-mail, phone, etc. . );
  • Support of diverse license plates records and verification of  identified license plate number of the vehicle in various state, municipal, federal, and other regional databases.

TrafficScanner operates on the basis of a multi-component integration platform video management SecurOS. The system allows to build the solution of any size with a distributed architecture.

To identify vehicles that have committed a traffic offense  used a certified hardware-software complex video monitoring which includes an intelligent module SecurOS TrafficScanner, one or more video cameras, radars and external data processing unit, consisting of industrial computer and network equipment. For the ability to register offenses at night time, spot lighting in designated surveillance zones is required.

Technical tools used in integrated solutions are certified and have passed metrological verification in accordance with Article 26.8. Administrative Code, Russian Federation. This allows you to use the footage and measurements as evidence for the issuance of the protocol on administrative violation.

Information received from the cameras and radars for processing transmitted to the monitoring center. SecurOS TrafficScanner allows you to build a system with centralized or local video archive. The choice of solution depends on the specific tasks and the technical ability for implementation.

Network Architecture   

Network architecture requires a remote data center – video archive, which receives information from local systems. The advantages of this approach include:

  • Increased reliability of data integrity;
  • permanent access to ” live ” video from all cameras running on the system;
  • centralized storage of video archives;
  • serviceability;
  • flexible allocation of processor power.


Distributed Architecture

This option involves the binding of individual solutions in the industrial performance of a video camera block, installed in each control zone. Thus the video server located in the vicinity of the camera installation.

The operator will receive data from the video server only about violations (type of offense, time, license plate number Reg. Number) and  snapshots with the image of the violation. Thus there is the ability to view live video, however, not all cameras at once, but 2 – 3 at the same time.

The primary advantage of the distributed architecture is reduced requirements of communication channels (lower bandwidth situations).

SecurOS TrafficScanner identifies traffic violations, analyzing information received from surveillance cameras synchronized with stationary and mobile speed detection radar, traffic signal controllers, railroad crossing gates, etc.

The system also allows one to record the following types of administrative offenses :

  • Crossing red lights.
  • Bypass of closed or closing rail road crossing gates  or entrance to railway crossings during prohibitory signals (typically red flashing lights); crossing the railway track outside the permitted zone.
  • Driving in lanes designated  for  public transportation , bicycle lanes or pedestrian paths  and sidewalks.
  • Entrance against traffic or driving in prohibited areas.
  • Turn or U-turn  violations of the  traffic signs or markings on the carriageway;
  • Movement in the opposite direction on one-way roads; Failure to provide right of crossing to pedestrians, etc.

SecurOS TrafficScanner supports integration with software platforms for automated preparation of a citations of an administrative offense, sending it to owner of the vehicle, as well as optionally tracking the payment of fines.


Traffic Scanner-C

The Traffic Scanner C (TSC) module is a traffic measurement and analysis system based on Radar. In addition to speed measurement, also a lane assignment of the measured vehicle is automatically carried out. On highways and country roads, the Traffic Scanner C is typically used to count and classify traffic. Usually three classes are selected and reported in configurable counting /statistics intervals.

The Traffic Scanner C delivers the following data:

  • Volume
  • Occupancy
  • Average Speed
  • Vehicle Presence
  • Wrong Way Detection Trigger
  • Wrong Way Detection
    Automatically measures speed and direction. Reliably finds vehicles driving in the wrong direction.
  • Incident Detection
    Reliably detects stopped vehicles, slowing vehicles and other kind of incidents. 500m range.
  • Traffic Counting and Classification
    Accurate count and highest quality speed data. Classification and statistics for up to 8 lanes.

Traffic Scanner C performs counting, classification and delivers traffic statistical data. Looking along the road in a forward-view configuration, up to 8 lanes can be covered. For all traffic objects it provides position and speed measurement along with class, lane index and other information for traffic statistics.
Traffic Scanner C delivers the highest speed accuracy available today, detecting stopped vehicles or wrong way driving.
Installation and alignment is quick and simple, zero setback pole mount position at road side on standard infrastructure (light poles or traffic signs) saves hardware and installation cost, while gantry mount is possible as well. Suitable for permanent or temporary installations, it optionally also provides wrong way detection.

Traffic Scanner C – Operating manual 


For fixed or mobile traffic counting stations, Traffic Scanner C provide precise volume and classification data, compute and accumulate statistical data including volume, occupancy, average speed, gap, headway and 85th percentile.

Furthermore it allows the most accurate lane specific speed measurement on the market.

It can be used in urban installations as well as for the traditional freeway counting stations and works for six lanes or more, and in both directions.

Looking along the road but not perpendicular as older traffic sensors, the mounting position of these new Radars are flexible, either on the road side, at the center of a highway or on a gantry, or whatever sensor position provides the best coverage. No setback is required for roadside pole mount, existing infrastructure like light poles can be used. Other than for older side firing radars which usually have occlusion problems and need a very high mounting position, moderate heights are sufficient here.

The wide field of view enables the user to define up to four measurement (counting) lines inside the field of view.
Since vehicles are tracked over a longer period when they drive in the field of view, the driving behavior of vehicles can be analyzed which helps mitigating occlusions and increases counting accuracy. Moreover, changes in the speed can be monitored which are often an indication for possible incidents.

Because of the modular application software design principle, the applications counting and classification, incident- and wrong way detection can be combined.

Traffic Incident Detection with Traffic Scanner C

For incident detection applications, with help of the Event Trigger Module, zones of interest can be defined and can be combined with a specific event.

If for example a car stops in the middle of a road or at the hard shoulder the sensor can send a trigger message.

Because of the excellent speed accuracy, and with vehicles being tracked over a long period when they drive in the wide field of view, the driving behavior of vehicles can be analyzed. Even small changes in the speed will be detected immediately, vehicles slowing down are often an indication for possible incidents. No other sensor technology, not even loops, are able to provide this information.

The transmission to the control center of real-time occupancy and the very precise average speed parameters makes it possible for freeway monitoring systems to determine if and where a vehicular accident happened.

Because of the modular application software design principle, the applications counting and classification, incident- and wrong way detection can be combined.

While wrong way driving is one of the most dangerous situations, such situations can be detected easily, reliably and very quickly with traffic radars.

Measuring speed very accurately, for both directions, for up to six lanes, the Radar’s application software will find and report wrong way drivers immediately.

On/Off ramps can be monitored as well. The sensor can easily be integrated into existing or future warning systems.

Because of the modular application software design principle, the applications counting and classification, incident- and wrong way detection can be combined.


SecurOS™ Mobile 9

SecurOS™ Mobile 9 is a mobile client for SecurOS™ VMS which gives security personnel capabilities to monitor video and control cameras on their mobile phones and tablets (iOS and Android™). Operators can easily access live video streams, playback video archive, monitor video analytics events and other types of alarms over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G networks.

iphone-4_4-eng iphone-4_5-eng iphone-5_1-eng
screenshot_2017-01-17-12-26-37_ru-handh-securosclient screenshot_2017-01-17-12-27-42_ru-handh-securosclient screenshot_2017-01-17-12-30-02_ru-handh-securosclient


SecurOS™ Mobile 9 features:
• Connect to multiple SecurOS installations using SecurOS user credentials.
• Thumbnail view of all available cameras.
• Up to 4 cameras simultaneous view (live or archive video).
• Up to 3 live streams from each camera with automatic switching of the stream depending on network bandwidth available.
• Fast forward and reverse playback with x1 (normal), x2, x4 or x8 speed.
• Frame by frame video playback.
• Portrait and landscape orientation. Full-screen video view in landscape orientation.
• Camera Events view. Access the corresponding moment from the video archive with a single tap. Types of the events to be received    are configured in the SecurOS system.
• Secure HTTPS connection. It is strongly recommended to use trusted SSL certificates.

SecurOS™ Mobile 9 comes with built-in cloud demo server connection for testing and evaluation purposes. For commercial use, you need to have a SecurOS™ system installed on your server.

System requirements:
SecurOS™ Mobile 9 is compatible with SecurOS™ Premium, SecurOS™ Enterprise, SecurOS™ MCC, and appliances running those SecurOS™ editions.
SecurOS™ Mobile 9.1 requires SecurOS™ 9.1 or higher.

Available for Download TODAY!

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For SecurOS™ Mobile 9 assistance, please contact your Local Support


License Plate Recognition

The SecurOS AUTO License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR) solution provides a number of unprecedented advantages for users, including the ability to accurately capture license plate information at 130 mph (210 km/h) and in all kinds of weather conditions, including light fog, rain, and snow. The advanced algorithms involved in the technology result in the sort of pinpoint accuracy that distinguish letters from numbers, so that, for example, an “8” is not mistaken for a “B”, a crucial advantage, particularly in emergency situations when one has only milliseconds to get it right. SecurOS AUTO integrates easily with third party parking management or smart roadway systems, as well as legacy security equipment and external databases. It is a highly effective tool for vehicle registration tasks, control of traffic, and the access control of vehicles.

• Car detection and License Plate Capture based on Image Analytics. No need to use sensors or external devices.

• Multiple Frame analysis for higher accuracy

• Provides advanced reaction capability and automatic notification based on License Plate Recognition and/or comparison with information from a database

• Integration with the third party equipment and devices: barriers, automatic gate, weight scale, traffic management systems, etc.

• Real-time Video Management and Access to Video Archive embedded.

• License Plate Database allows search for all images, video, information of time, date, direction of a vehicle.

• Integration with external databases such as stolen or unlicensed vehicles.

• High quality License Plate Recognition in various conditions and luminosity.

• Fast adaptation for work with new standards of license plates.

• Reliable with a wide range of video cameras, including IP and Analog.



Key Applications of SecurOS AUTO

  • Solution for parking areas, providing vehicle safety, increase of speed and quality of service, and the reduction of unauthorized access, fraud and theft.
  • Automatic registration and saving in database of video image, date, time, plate numbers of incoming and outgoing cars.
  • Comparison of information at arrival / departure of vehicle
  • Simplified information search in database on the car plate numbers, date or time of parking
  • Integration with barriers, automatic gates
  • Integration with the automatic systems of calculations for payment control
  • Protection of strategic areas and high security areas.
  • Integration with the gravimetric equipment, executive devices on entrances/exits (arrival/departures), and also with workflow systems for effective automated accounts management
  • Creation of detailed statistical reports
  • Video-control in real-time of loading/unloading processes of raw materials or finished goods

Municipal Services

  • License Plate Recognition may also be integrated with ISS Traffic Monitoring or other third party traffic management software to create a safe traffic hub for municipalities.
  • Restrict entry into municipal areas based on preset policies
  • Utilization for toll payment system
  • Effective tool for police and other municipal services: automatic registration in traffic of vehicles which are flagged for search, analysis and alarms for infringement of road rules etc.




SecurOS EdgeAUTO is an integrated solution for license plate capture and recognition, ideal for parking, access control, and border crossing installations; especially for those with limited network connectivity. EdgeAUTO’s embedded module runs on AXIS ACAP and Samsung Open Platform for supported cameras. The module analyzes the raw camera video, sending selected JPEGs (with captured license plates) and metadata to the SecurOS AUTO Server for recognition. This solution works with SecurOS EdgeStorage Sync to deliver high-resolution streams back to SecurOS Servers/Clients with video of the vehicles passing.


Container Recognition

The SecurOS CARGO Container Character Recognition solution provides the ability to recognize characters on cargo containers from above, below, and from the side. It has an automated ISO code recognition system, so that the country of origin can be known right away. The advanced algorithms mean that such information can be read in any kind of weather, and can also read container characters on trucks as well as cranes.  By developing a container character recognition solution that integrates with cargo management processes at port, intermodal, and logistics centers, SecurOS CARGO can dramatically improve throughput and turnaround time, reduce liability, and be utilized to better locate and track containers in large facilities


  • Advanced image analytics for extremely fast and accurate Container Character Recognition – automatically reads and records the container ISO code.
  • Top number recognition for front and back of container and side number recognition.
  • Localization and automated selection of best image frame for highest recognition capability.
  • Capability to alarm based on recognition and to pre-program pass/alarm lists.
  • Provides verification against cargo manifests.
  • Access permissions, restrictions and rights & privileges of persons in protected areas.
  • Formation of a database with tagged data such as date and time, container number, and associated video.
  • Advanced event/response management including time schedule engine, adjustable thresholds, and alarm capabilities.
  • No special cameras required.
  • Integrate with other ISS sub-systems, SQL databases, and third party systems.
  • Specify reaction to positive comparison.
  • Instant data search in video archive.
  • Automatic notification (phone, e-mail, SMS).
  • Distributed and modular architecture to enable remote database query, monitoring and storage.
  • Fully automated system.


Key Applications of SecurOS CARGO

  • Solution for Sea Ports, providing safety, increase of speed and quality of service, and the reduction of unauthorized access, fraud and theft.
  • Automatic registration and saving in database of video image, date, time, plate numbers of incoming and outgoing cars.
  • Comparison of information at arrival / departure of vehicle
  • Simplified information search in database on the container numbers, date or time of arrival/departure
  • Integration with barriers, automatic gates
  • Integration with the Port Management Systems.
  • Integration with the gravimetric equipment, executive devices on entrances/exits (arrival/departures), and also with workflow systems for effective automated accounts management
  • Creation of detailed statistical reports
  • Video-control in real-time of loading/unloading processes of raw materials or finished goods



Face Capture and Recognition

SecurOS FACE is a Image Analytics Module for SecurOS and provides Face Capture & Recognition with a high accuracy level in a wide variety of challenging conditions and as such, is ranked among the most accurate of all Face Recognition systems in the marketplace. The reason for such a high level of accuracy has to do with the background of ISS in image analytics technology, and the related expertise with advanced algorithms, which then identifies and matches an individual’s specific features with relentless attention to every detail.

As a Video Analytics/Biometrics Module SecurOS FACE images can be archived in a database for real time identification.  It can be used for active recognition where subjects know their image is being captured or passively, where they do not have knowledge of such surveillance. It can be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with an  access control or other third party systems to enhance functionality.

  • No Special Cameras Required
  • Specify Customized Reactions to Positive Comparison
  • Simultaneous multiple Face Detections
  • Face Capture during High-speed Movements
  • Single Click access to video associated to faces
  • Controlled Area Search & Capture
  • Automatic Optimal Face Position, Transmission, & Comparison
  • Multiple Camera Environment
  • Remote Database Query, Monitoring & Storage
  • Integrate Access Control, Biometrics & Other Devices
  • High speed of identification – less than 1 second
  • Instant information search in video archive
  • Automatic notification (telephone, e-mail, sms, external output)
  • Distributed, Modular Architecture
  • Multiple Face Captures per server, unlimited number of aggregate face capture detectors within a security network all reporting to one centralized Face Recognition Database


Key Applications of SecurOS FACE

  • Automatic registration and saving in database of video image, date, time and face coordinates on the video.
  • Comparison of information at arrival / departure of persons.
  • Integration with Time and Attendance systems.
  • Recognition of V.I.P. Guests or Unwanted persons.
  • Protection of strategic and high security areas.



Train Carriage and Cargo Recognition

SecurOS TRANSIT is a Image Analytics Module for SecurOS and provides Character Recognition of carriages, tankers, and platforms on trains. SecurOS TRANSIT is an effective tool for registration of railway vehicles at the shunting-yards and customs terminals, and also for the control of containers and deliveries to industrial enterprises, storehouses etc.

Functionalities of the module:

  • Character Recognition
  • Multiple Formations of video-archive (in movement)
    • segmented carriage by carriage
    • full composition
  • Formations of video-archive by carriage numbers, date and time of travel, direction of movement, result of check of payment, serial number of the carriage, quantities (amounts) of carriages, average speed in control area (zone), etc.
  • Information search in video-archive and database on given characteristics: date and time of pass, carriage number, video-camera’s number
  • Automatic comparison of carriage numbers with data from internal or external database
  • Formatting and definition of railroad cars’ types
  • Comparison of railway vehicles numbers with data of wheel-report, detection of railroad cars without numbers
  • Automatic count of railroad cars in railway vehicle
  • Check of integrity of a cargo located in open railroad car or a platform, the control of cargo’s position on transport platforms,
  • Visual control of railroad cars: check of integrity of railroad cars’ body, presence of seals on locks
  • Check of conformity of cargo’s overall dimensions to railroad car’s overall dimensions



Features of Carriage Character Recognition

  • Convenience of use:
    • Graphical User Interface (GUI),
    • wide spectrum of user’s functions: export video to AVI/JPEG, printing and/or sending by e-mail, digital zoom, adjustment (tuning) of color and contrast, remote control by video cameras
    • automatic notification of operator at registration of unrecognized numbers, at discrepancy of recognition results to the data of wheel-report
    • formation of reports, analytics of events and detailed statistical output
  • Integration:
    • interaction with components of integrated security systems, enterprise railway management systems, software and information systems, external databases, manufacturing equipment and electronic weights & sensors,
    • organization of geographically distributed system,
    • simultaneous work over several video channels,
    • data transmission on lower-bit-rate communication channels,
    • organization of common database and workplaces for monitoring and management with differentiation of rights of access to the data and work with system.


  • Flexibility and development:
    • adjustment of reaction of system and way of operator notification (sound, the phone, e-mail) in case of discrepancy between number recognition and data of natural sheets, at registration of unusual events,
    • cameras may be placed above railway for automatic control of presence/absence of a cargo,
    • fast adaptation according to features of object and requirements of the end user
    • adjustment for work with legacy video-cameras.


  • Quality and reliability:
    • high quality of recognition and reliability of work in varying environmental and illumination conditions
    • wide spectrum of video-cameras installation.

POS & ATM Transaction Monitoring

SecurOS POS & ATM Transaction Monitoring provides full video documentation on selected transaction IDs, item numbers, terminal numbers, employees, customers, payment details, or stores in any combination you wish.

Effectively combat fraud and loss occurring in transactions. Integrate with other analytics to provide a complete retail solution, including recognition of known shoplifters, inventory management, after- hours surveillance, license plate recognition for gas stations, etc.

  • Added toolset for integrated retail surveillance, empowerment of exception reports, and optional shrinkage detection
  • Integrate with other ISS sub-systems, SQL databases, and third-party systems
  • Specify reaction to positive comparison
  • Instant data search in video archive
  • Automatic notification (phone, e-mail, SMS)
  • Distributed and modular architecture to enable remote database query, monitoring and storage
  • Fully automated system