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Winner. Winner. Winner. Three Years in a Row.







At the Axis 2016 Connect & Converge Conference held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the ISS Mexico team received the ADP award of the year for the third year in a row.

The enduring partnership between both teams has boosted their respective brands as market leaders. Both ISS and Axis’ systems collaborate within very sensitive areas, i.e., security in public & private sectors, and critical government infrastructure.
The ACCC 2016 was attended by the primary integrators and wholesalers operating in Mexico and Central America, who show a keen interest in ISS technology, particularly for the quality of the pre-sales, support, development and after-sales service, the monitoring, training and human quality that characterize the team of ISS Mexico.

Juan Pablo Arellano Commercial Director of ISS México emphasized that the partnership formed by Axis and the ISS Mexico team is bearing fruit and is raising standards of quality and service that further our companies’ substantial commitment with integrators and both continue to have a stronghold in the Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean marketplace.