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Top 20 List — The Security Edition

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ISS Turned the BIG 2-0 this year.  Over these 20 years, we’ve been a part of  some fascinating industry advances .  To give you a perspective on how far the INDUSTRY has come; we’ve gathered intel from our Expert Global Team  and created a Top 20 list: 20 Years of Change: The Security Edition.  

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  1. IP Network convergence – Security devices are now on the network, representing a huge shift of technology from analogue to IP.
  2. Open architecture is increasingly the methodology chosen by security and IT personnel.
  3. Analytics are becoming more meaningful and useful now. Customers are being trained better on realistic expectations.
  4. Video security has become everyone’s business now, as more small and large IT companies start to get involved.
  5. The migration to mobile viewing management of video surveillance on smartphones and tablets
  6. Video analytics: where before the concept of providing video analytics was skeptical and unsure, today has become a trend and a very robust solution to several project’s requirements.  With the development of companies like ISS, the video intelligence software became reality.
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  7. Video is migrating from a security based cost center to one in which it can proactively increase productivity and generate ROI.
  8. The processors increase in productivity and their cost reduction provides for better video management and the development of more precise video analytics.
  9. The large-scale penetration of IT standards in CCTV industry technology and methodology provided the movement of the industry to a complex solution of customer’s business needs, going out of the frame of only security CCTV.
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  10. 5-10 years ago, the camera used to be the most important piece of the security equation. Now it’s all about the software and analytics.
  11. To combat the commoditization of cameras, leading camera manufacturers have implemented more technologies, from edge analytics to better optics, to new compression capabilities.
  12. As few as 10 years ago, cameras used to record to DVRs/computers that took up entire rooms and had very little retention. Before that, they used VCRs!  Now we possess more recording power and better camera resolution on the phones in our pockets.
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  13. Motion detection was once considered “Advanced” analytics.
  14. Video signals arriving by coaxial cables in the past now come through the data network UTP cable or optical fiber.
  15. Video Analytics didn’t exist. Monitoring cameras was 100% human … TODAY, we read texts, detect behaviors, and recognize people!
  16. Disk storage cost reduction and its capacity increase provided the change-over to digital video storage.
  17. IP cameras used to sell for thousands years ago. It was very much about quality and engineering. The camera market for basic IP cameras has commoditized.
  18. Efficient video compression (video compression rate and speed become more efficient by hardware acceleration), MPEG4, H264 technologies coming out. These technologies have led to a revolution in IP-based cameras production.
  19. Skill sets for physical security companies – Not just camera installers – now networking integrators
  20. End to end cyber-security methodologies for the transmission of video and meta-data is in its infancy, but will have greater impact in the upcoming years.


Disclaimer: This list may not be perfect. You may find our rankings to be iffy at best. In that case, let us know your thoughts.

Acknowledgements and Thanks for their Contributions


Cody Flood- Sales Director East

Trevor Hughes – Director, Enterprise Solutions

Alexandre Nastro – Country Manager – Brazil

Peter Pirogov – Product Manager


Suranjan Ray – VP Strategic Alliances

Ceres Silva – Sales Director Canada

Daniel Mauricio Mariño Vieira – Regional Director

Mohammed Zaheer – Regional Director – ME/India

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