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The 30 Most Innovative Business Leaders

final-logo-jpegLate December 2016, ISS, CEO – Aluisio Figueiredo sat down for an interview with Insights Success Magazine as a member of the elite list of “The 30 Most Innovative Business Leaders”.  We at ISS are not surprised at the nod  but wanted to take a few moments to highlight a few points from the interview.

From sitting in on meeting about marketing collateral redesigns to going on face to face sales meetings to address resellers and distributors all the way to defining tech specs – he performs everything passionately.

There is a purpose behind every innovation pushed to market. “We Listen. We Develop. We Test (and test again).

…to successfully achieve excellence on the organizational level, he has made it a mission to surround and employ ISS with only the best of the best. Taking pride in his team made of experts, he comments, “If you think hiring an expert is expensive; try hiring an amateur.”

We invite you to read more of Aluisio’s interview here.