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SecurOS™ MCC Direct Connect

Introducing a new way of connecting remote systems to the SecurOS™ Monitoring and Control Center, in addition to connecting via ISS Video Concentrator (VC) and ISS Video Repeater (VR) video capture devices.


In this latest release MCC Direct Connect provides the following capabilities:

  • Remote systems are added as part of the MCC configuration.  The MCC configuration is updated automatically when the remote system configuration changes.
  • Direct Connect does not require a server (Remote Computer objects) or camera replicas (Video Concentrators and Video Repeaters). Video streams and events are received directly through the MCC system.
  • SecurOS™ Auto support: LPR Operator GUI in MCC can work with License Plate Recognizer Modules of remote systems.
  • SecurOS™ Face support: Face Recognizer in MCC with dedicated Face DB can process faces captured with Face Capture Modules of remote systems.
  • Media Client: bookmarks, alarms and smart search in MCC Media Client can be performed for the cameras of the remote systems.
  • Media Client: MCC operator can control PTZ and has the ability to use speaker and wiper of remote system cameras.
  • MCC Health Monitor can collect health information of remote systems.


There are no restrictions when using MCC Direct Connect and the 1st generation MCC Video Concentrators / Video Repeaters simultaneously within the same SecurOS™ MCC system.

SecurOS™ MCC Direct Connect is compatible with remote systems running SecurOS™ 9.1 and higher.