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SecurOS 8.5 Released

ISS is excited to announce the official release of SecurOS 8.5. Please contact your local ISS branch to request the software downloads.

The main new features of the release include:

Media Client – Audio Support.

  • Audio support for Microphones associated with Cameras and independent Microphones has been implemented.
  • Activate the Microphone in the Media Client to start listening to audio from an independent Microphone.
  • Activate Camera to start listening to audio from its associated Microphone.
  • It is possible to listen to live audio or use audio archive playback. Use live/archive button in the microphone’s cell to switch an independent Microphone to archive/live mode. Switch the Camera to archive mode to listen to archive records from a Camera associated Microphone.
  • To work with audio-archive playback use the Media Client Timeline. Microphones associated to Cameras are not displayed in the Timeline because their recordings match the camera’s video archive.
 spacer audio

VB/JScript module.

  • Now included in the SecurOS installation package.
  • It is possible to select external editor from the object settings window (Shift + Edit… button).
  • Extra debugging capabilities were added.

Attention! Starting from the SecurOS 8.5 release, support of the SecurOS Programs (Program object) is officially discontinued. SecurOS Programs (Program object) would still function in SecurOS 8.5, but will be completely removed in one of the future releases. Please use VB/Jscript program object instead of Program object.


HTTP Event Gate.

  • New API can be used to transfer external system metadata to SecurOS via HTTP GET/POST-requests.
  • To transmit data to the SecurOS, external system should send a request to the specified port number of the HTTP server.
  • This functionality is available in the following editions:
    • SecurOS Monitoring & Control Center
    • SecurOS Enterprise
    • SecurOS Premium

IP Device Updates.

  • Samsung Direct import of PTZ presets created in camera’s web-interface is implemented.
  • Panasonic:
    • Multi-streaming support is implemented.
    • Direct import of PTZ presets created in camera’s web-interface is implemented.
  • GenericRTSP:  Multi-streaming support is implemented.
  • Vivotek:  Telemetry support is improved for the 8000 Series devices. “PTZ max speed” option allows to limit the maximum rotation speed.