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New Release : SecurOS™ 9.2

ISS is excited to announce the official release of SecurOS™ 9.2. Please contact your local ISS branch to request the software downloads and full Release Notes.

The main new features of the release include:

Multicasting Support

Main Features

  • Implemented support of multicast video streaming from ONVIF cameras.
  • In multicast mode, camera transmits up to 3 streams to the network switch and then those streams are re-streamed simultaneously to a video server and a number of operator workstations.
  • Multicast helps optimizing network utilization.
  • Single video stream is transmitted into network on route from camera to operator workstation. Further this stream is translated via network hardware to the Video Server and non-limited number of the Operator Workstations.

Computer Vision – Tracking Kit  Improvement


  • Implemented support of multiple polygon zones for all detectors.

IP-Speaker Support


  • Implemented support for AXIS IP-speakers (models: C1004-E / C2005 / C3003-E).
  • IP-speaker should be linked to a specific Camera.
  • Operator can activate speaker for announcement, using button in camera cell of Media Client.

 Active Media Kit – Improvements


  • Implemented subtitles support (adjustable parameters: font color, min font size, max symbols in line).
  • Implemented audio support for microphones linked to cameras.

 Health Monitoring – Improvements


  • Added reporting of the following issues:
  • Error of alarm recording to Database
  • Video subsystem database is not available
  • Not enough memory (RAM)
  • Low free space on system drive

 Media Client – Improvements


  • Implemented capability to print currently displayed frame (live or archive) right from camera’s cell on Media Client.
  • Implemented On Hold mode for PTZ control. On Hold mode can be turned on using a button in camera’s cell. PTZ control can still be overridden by user with higher priority.

 Bosch IP-Device Integration – Updates


  • Implemented SecurOS™ EdgeStorage Sync support.
  • Bosch device Native I/O is now supported.

SecurOS™ Auto – Updates


  • Implemented perspective setup utility. Perspective data improves accuracy of vehicle speed estimates.
  • Implemented ability to export saved vehicle image directly from SecurOS Auto database.
  • Improved protocol window usability. When clicking on a license plate, Media Client automatically opens archive of all cameras linked to corresponding recognizer. When returning to Automatic protocol mode, Media Client returns back to original state.
  • Implemented support for Kuwait license plates.
  • Improved recognition accuracy for GCC countries license plates.