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New Release: SecurOS™ 9.0

ISS is excited to announce the official release of SecurOS™ 9.0. Please contact your local ISS branch to request the software downloads and full Release Notes.

The main new features of the release include:

Computer Vision Subsystem – Tracking Kit III

  • Implemented new SecurOS™ Computer Vision Subsystem.
  • The new subsystem will support a variety of video analytics modules, including the ones designed to increase situational awareness of SecurOS™
  • Computer Vision currently includes the Tracking Kit III video analytics plugin, which work with the following detectors:
    • Crowd Detector – designed to detect potentially dangerous groups of people.
    • Object Left Behind Detector  designed to detect abandoned objects.
    • Intrusion Detector – designed to detect objects entering a forbidden area (crossing forbidden zone border).
    • Loitering Detector – designed to detect people loitering and moving in the same area for some time.
    • Running Detector  designed to detect people who move faster than is considered normal.
    • Object Counter   designed to count objects (people, vehicles) crossing a line in each direction.
  • Tracking Kit III also allows for detected object classifiers: people and vehicles.
  • Operator can also access the Camera’s archive corresponding to the Event. In this case the Media Client will automatically highlight the area of interest drawing a line or/and bounding box indicating abandoned object, human, vehicle or other cause of detection.

tk3*click to enlarge


Emergency Service Module

  • New module allows reporting of incidents detected by SecurOS™ to external emergency service processing centers.
  • Operator creates the report by completing a Emergency Ticket form.
  • Emergency Ticket includes the following information about an incident: incident address, time and type.
  • Operator can add comments if necessary.
  • The emergency ticket is transferred as a package of metadata which additionally includes URLs to access SecurOS™ video archive from the external monitoring and processing center.

emergency service module_1

emergency service module_2*click to enlarge

Media Client – Save Bookmark

  • Feature to add Bookmarks to archive video has been updated.
  • Bookmarks can be added to a single frame or to an archive interval.
  • Bookmarks to a single frame can be added via the camera right-click controls, or via the Bookmark button on the bottom left corner of the camera cell.
  • Bookmarks for a time interval can be added via the camera right-click controls.

media client

media client1.jpg*click to enlarge


Media Client – Alarms & Bookmarks Search

  • Alarm and Bookmark Search feature has been updated.
  • Operator can search for Bookmarks and Alarms in the archive filtering by time range, Camera’s IDs, etc…
  • It is possible to playback video for any found Alarm or Bookmark and immediately export the corresponding archive.


alarms_bookmarks1*click to enlarge


Media Client – Set Viewing FPS

  • Added capability to limit the maximum camera fps in the Media Client when viewing live video.
  • This option allows to improve live video monitoring experience in poor network conditions.
setviewing*click to enlarge

 SecurOS™ Native Dewarper
  • Major updates to the SecurOS™ Native Dewarper have been made.
  • Native Dewarper is calibrated for most major fisheye/3600 cameras on the market.
  • It boasts superior performance and dewarped image quality.
  • With this release the following camera models have been calibrated: OnCam EVO-05-xxx; OnCam EVO-12-xxx; HIKvision DS-2CD6362F-xxx4; Mobotix Q24M-Secure (more to follow in upcoming releases).

Dewarp3*click to enlarge


 SecurOS™ Control Panel – Display Options
  • The SecurOS™ Control Panel can now be customized according to user preferences.
  • Panel settings allow user to:
    • configure a display (physical monitor) on which it is to be located;
    • configure the way to display panel when moving mouse to the top edge of the screen (holding or w/o holding Ctrl button);
    • turn auto-hide on/off.


controlpanel1*click to enlarge

Event Viewer Updated

  • The Event Viewer GUI has been updated!
  • The Event Viewer now allows to switch between 2 operation modes: Monitoring mode (which shows live events) or Event Search mode (which allows to search for events in a log).
  • The Event Viewer is becoming more interactive with existing right-click controls to view event video in Media Client, send Ticket to Emergency Service, and upcoming feature to acknowledge Alarms.
event*click to enlarge