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New Release: SecurOS 8.8

ISS is excited to announce the official release of SecurOS 8.8. Please contact your local ISS branch to request the software downloads.

The main new features of the release include:

Media Client – Views

  • Enhanced personalized work-space while using media client interface.
  • View object consists of a selected Layout (Media Client’s video cells layout), Cameras and Microphones located in certain cells.
  • Media Clients support an unlimited number of Views ; additionally, views can be used in any number of Media Clients (and Operator Workstations).
  • When configuring the system it is possible to setup Views for all operators from a single Media Client on an Admin workstation, or allow operators to setup Views on their workstations themselves.
  • Views can be accessible from the quick access panel on top of the Media Client.



Media Client – “Live Only” mode

  • When using the new “Live only” mode, the Media Client allows the operator to work SOLELY with live video.
  • Accessing Media Client video archive in this mode will not be possible.
  • Archive button on the Camera cells will be hidden.

SecureOS Face – “Face Finder”

  • The Face Search function allows a search for any individual within the archive of previously captured faces.
  • The individual does not have to be enrolled in the Face Recognition DB during the time of capture and can be enrolled on the spot.
  • Search by:
    • Time interval
    • Similarity Threshold
    • 1 or more cameras
  • Search results are automatically linked to corresponding video frame of sequence.

Event Viewer – Access Camera Archive

  • Added capability to access camera archive corresponding to a certain event right from the Event Viewer.
  • Archive is opened in the Media Client after double-clicking on the event in the Event Viewer or using the event context menu.

Quick Access to Quick User Guide

  • Operators can access the SecurOS Quick User Guide using the F1 key.
  • The manual opens on the page which describes the GUI object the operator was using (Media Client, Event viewer or Map Windows). This configuration window of the object must be open.