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ISS Wins Axis ADP Awards

Woodbridge, NJ—December 20, 2014—Intelligent Security Systems (ISS), a leading Video Management Systems (VMS) and video analytic software vendor, announced today that it was named the Application Development Partner (ADP) of 2014 for Mexico and Central America by Axis Communications, the global leader in IP networked surveillance equipment. These awards highlight the work that has been achieved in the partnership between ISS and Axis in those regions.

Axis hosted its third annual Latin American Axis Channel Convergence Conference (ACCC) in November in Cancun, Mexico. This event was attended by many business partners, and the work of those who excel in different areas was recognized. The three ADP awards given out were for the regions of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, with ISS receiving two of the three. ISS was recognized for its work on several projects developed with Axis in Mexico and Central America.

“ISS was awarded this year’s ADP recognition in Mexico and Central America for the dedication shown by its sales and technical team in these regions, and by having an innovative product that is totally compatible with advanced camera systems by Axis,” said Fernando Esteban, Country Manager of Axis Communications for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Sergio Brieba, Sales Manager for ISS in Mexico and Central America commented, “We are very pleased at how quickly and well the projects with Axis have proceeded in the region. The support ISS has developed for Axis’ devices is very high level, which builds upon the strong foundation of a true open platform our company has. This award helps us move forward with even more confidence, as it gives integrators complete assurance that that the solution will work.”

Fernando Esteban commented further by saying, “ISS covers a very wide range of both video management and analytic solutions designed to meet customer needs. Add to this the high level of customer support its staff provides, along with the growth shown in the region was all the criteria necessary to justify the company receiving the ADP award for both territories. Our many projects together have created a very successful business partnership.”

The collaborations between both companies started several years ago in South America and have extended into a global relationship. The relationship between ISS and Axis includes numerous Safe City implementations that have greatly improved security in a number of South and North American cities.

About Intelligent Security Systems (ISS)
ISS, headquartered in Woodbridge, NJ, and with offices worldwide, is a leader in video management and analytic software.  ISS is the nucleus of a complete surveillance deployment, incorporating security management and business intelligence into a comprehensive solution to address a variety of use cases and verticals. Turning traditional video management into Video Intelligence, it can manage and monitor an unlimited number of cameras and devices, apply analytics, and integrate disparate systems into one centralized visualization platform.  

Smart video subsystems include Face Capture & Recognition, Traffic Monitoring, Transit & Cargo Container Recognition, License Plate Recognition, and Object Tracking, as well as dedicated solutions for POS (shrinkage detection) and ATM systems. ISS has successfully deployed over 100,000 systems in command of over 1.5 million cameras worldwide. The development team has over 20 years of experience creating highly intelligent security solutions. For more information about ISS, please visit www.isscctv.com



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