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ISS Enhances Industry Leading Channel Partner Program

ISS announced today enhancements to its industry-leading Channel Partner Program for the US and Canadian markets, whose goal is to provide greater support and recognition to ISS’ valued partners.  The Partner Program will focus on recognizing and providing increasing levels of technological and commercial support, as well as pricing advantages, to leading ISS resellers.  The implementation will begin mid-May with an introduction of the ISS Channel Partner Program to current resellers, and the program will continue to evolve with ongoing benefits over the course of the year.   Other regions will begin to introduce the program in early Q3.

The Program is focused on two complementary facets of the ISS-reseller relationship, driving value to top-tier ISS resellers, while simultaneously helping new and existing dealers grow and reach higher levels of recognition.  Channel partners will realize a variety of benefits:

  • greater pricing discounts
  • an enhanced Project Registration program
  • access to dedicated engineering resources, including pre-sales design and engineering support
  • access to facets of the ISS engineering road map
  • sales and marketing support
  • prioritization of business development opportunities
  • lower financial requirements for product customization


The program is merit-based, focused on both, partners’ revenue commitments, as well as a level of training.  “Unlike many VMS providers today, ISS is focused on supporting and growing its dealers rather than massively opening up the channel and oversaturating the market.  We’re focused on channel discipline, protecting those dealers who aim to show a commitment to ISS technologies, and our commitment to leading the industry with a solution-centric approach,” stated Suranjan Ray, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at ISS.  Highlights of the program include:

Discounts Basic Higher Greatest
Project Registration Yes Yes Enhanced
Product Offering Xpress / Professional All VMS VMS + Analytics
Marketing Co-Op Program  – Yes Enhanced
Marketing Basic Enhanced ISS Featured
Marketing Co-Branding  –  – Yes
Event Participation Yes Yes VIP
Support Priority  – Yes Enhanced
Pre-Sales Design Support Yes Enhanced Enhanced
Access to Demo Equipment Yes Enhanced Enhanced
Access to ISS Training Webinars Yes Yes Yes
Certification Trainings * Discounted Discounted Free
Invitation to ISS Advisory Board  –  – Yes


Initially, resellers will have three level of stratification, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.  Increasing levels of discounts will apply across all ISS products and services, including analytics, other modules, as well as hardware and support.  Clear differentiation of the levels will be found in marketing and sales support, with the newly introduced Co-op Marketing Program for Gold and Platinum resellers.  The Co-op program will focus on extending and enhancing ISS and our partner’s marketing focus with dedicated fiscal incentives, ISS promotion of top partners, as well as sales and marketing support.

To learn more about the Channel Partner Program, please contact:

Jim Rigg
Sales Director West
+1(816) 564.1052
spacer Cody Flood
Sales Director East
+1 (917) 828.0798
spacer Ceres Silva
Sales Director Canada
+1 (647) 618. 8812