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Intelligent Security Systems Certifies Buffalo TeraStation 7120r Enterprise for Seamless Video Recording, Storage and Backup Integration

Woodbridge, NJ – April 28, 2015 – Intelligent Security Systems (ISS), a global leader in video management and video analytics solutions, today announced compatibility and certification of the Buffalo Americas TeraStation™ 7120r Enterprise Class NAS and iSCSI Storage with ISS software. Buffalo Americas is a leading provider of external storage, network attached storage and networking solutions. The TeraStation 7120r Enterprise is a high-performance fully populated 12-drive NAS and iSCSI storage system available in capacities up to 96 TB, ideal for businesses that need a reliable RAID-based network storage solution for mid-sized networks with demanding environments.

The solution uses either iSCSI or SMB protocols for communication, and boasts transfer rates of up to 100 MB/s for each of the four included Intel NICs. Faster performance can be achieved through port trunking or through the addition of 10GbE NICs. A key advantage of the architecture is that multiple ISS servers and recorders can write to the same Buffalo TeraStation, allowing for greater flexibility in storage management for larger projects.

A Seamless All-in-One Solution

For businesses needing to update their video surveillance infrastructure, the ISS software with Buffalo TeraStation 7120r Enterprise offers a cost effective solution with built-in enterprise capabilities and tremendous scalability. Businesses and installers have delayed the transition to IP solutions and external storage due to the impression that traditional analog surveillance systems offer greater ease of use. In reality the ISS and Buffalo solution is simple to set up, offers greater redundancy using RAID6 architecture, supports much higher resolution and HD video and remains equally cost effective.

“ISS is proud to be partnering with Buffalo on enhancing an excellent price-point solution. It’s just one more example of Buffalo’s objective to support the physical security markets, especially in the Americas,” said Aluisio Figueiredo, COO at ISS. “Buffalo is a traditionally IT-focused technology provider who foresees and embraces valuable opportunities to help the physical security market enhance their IP-based systems with greater capacity and flexibility while adding new features without expending additional resources.”

About the ISS SecurOS Video Management and Analytics Platform

The ISS SecurOS video management and analytics platform is the nucleus of a complete surveillance and security management topology. It can manage and monitor an unlimited number of cameras and devices, apply intelligent and natively video analytics, and integrate a variety of disparate systems into one centralized visualization platform. The SecurOS platform scales from small standalone sites to large mission critical applications that involve hundreds or thousands of cameras, sensors and control systems unified into one network.  Key features of the system include an additive and modular architecture for scalability, significant customization of the user experience with custom screens and ConOps management, as well as a line of native video intelligence modules, including Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Container and Transit Character Recognition, as well as Transaction Monitoring of ATM and POS systems.

About the TeraStation 7120r Enterprise

The TeraStation 7120r Enterprise is optimized to deliver exceptional performance during file transfers and everyday network storage functions:

•    Certified compatibility with ISS software for seamless video recording, storage and backup integration
•    Includes 12 enterprise-class SATA hard drives (24, 48, and 96 TB capacity options)
•    Enables high capacity storage support and accessibility by multiple platforms for seamless centralized storage and backup
•    Pre-configured with RAID technology to minimize data loss
•    Equipped to support near real-time synchronous replication of data for enhanced data protection
•    Enables the addition of affordable virtualized storage to decrease IT spending by maximizing resources
•    Supports remote access and data sharing for enhanced collaboration and productivity
•    Pre-configured for easy installation within minutes
•    Five year enhanced warranty is available


About ISS

Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) is headquartered in Woodbridge, NJ (US), and with offices worldwide, ISS is a market leader in video management software. ISS is the nucleus of a complete surveillance deployment, incorporating security management and business intelligence in a comprehensive solution to address a variety of use-cases and verticals. Turning traditional video management into Video Intelligence, it can manage and monitor an unlimited number of cameras and devices and integrate disparate systems into a single, centralized visualization platform.

ISS has successfully deployed over 100,000 systems in command of over 1.5 million cameras worldwide. The development team has over 20 years’ experience, creating highly intelligent security solutions. For more information, visit www.isscctv.com.


About Buffalo Americas

Buffalo Americas, Inc., based in Austin, Texas, is a leading global provider of award-winning networking, storage, multimedia and memory solutions for the home and small business environments as well as for system builders and integrators. With almost three decades of networking and computer peripheral experience, Buffalo has proven its commitment to delivering innovative, best-of-breed solutions that have put the company at the forefront of infrastructure technology. For more information about Buffalo Americas and its products, please visit www.buffaloamericas.com.

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