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Gold Medal at The Games

iss-certifica-forca-nacional-brasileira-9-8-2016-8-21-56-868 (photo credit: ISS Brazil)

Intelligent Security System’s presence goes beyond an Olympic representation.  Arriving at Rio de Janeiro International Airport (Galeão International Airport) heading to Deodoro Arena (Arena da Juventude); ISS has left its mark with SecurOS. Whether you’re driving down the Yellow Line (Linha Amarela) or sightseeing along Porto Maravilha; ISS is present and accounted for.

“With this training we intend to strengthen our relationship with national government agencies, making the reference in monitoring large events. So when new celebrations are held in the country, will be remembered as a reference in security technology, ” said Alexandre Nastro, Director of ISS Brazil.

With those words, ISS kicked off the Rio Summer Olympics™ – 2016 (August 5-21st). Indirectly. We didn’t participate per se, but we offered certification and training courses on the SecurOS™ Platform for 22 members of the of the Brazilian National Force. They are responsible for central monitoring and securing Deodoro Arena (Arena da Juventude) – a seating capacity of 5,000. Deodora will host a variety of competitions among them, Field Hockey, Rugby and Basketball.

In addition to the Summer Olympics – the Brazilian National Force is also responsible for the Paralympic Games (September 7-18th). During which, horseback riding and fencing competitions will take place. SecurOS™ Platforms will take center stage again – central monitoring and situational awareness being critical factors.

ISS’ Joni Ramos and William Alves offered training assistance and support to the National Force throughout the training process and in preparation for this global event.


We’ve set the bar when it comes to securing high-profile events, venues , transportation hubs and points of attraction. Gold Medal proud.


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