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ISS Keeps World Cup Visitors Safe

Sao Paulo Metro

Download (444 KB)

With the World Cup arriving in São Paulo, management was aware that their already busy metro would have to handle hundreds of thousands more riders on a daily basis. ISS provided the solution for security.
12,000 cameras protecting an entire state in Brazil

Pernambuco, Brazil

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The city of Recife is the fifth largest metropolitan area in Brazil and the capital of Pernambuco. The entire state choose a comprehensive security solution utilizing ISS SecurOS™ Enterprise and SecurOS™ AUTO. The system allows for rapid event management, definition of scenarios, and addition of new functionalities and threat management capabilities on the fly.
Thousands of Miles of Highway Secured with a Mouse Click

CCR Highway Network

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One of Brazil's most extensively used highway networks, with over a thousand miles of roadway, CCR chose ISS as its solution for surveillance and traffic management.
Maintaining Security for Crowds of over 60,000 at a National Stadium

Peru National Stadium

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As one of the largest stadiums in the continent, the security at Estadio Nacional (National Stadium) in Lima is an ongoing concern. The stadium chose ISS SecurOS and SecurOS FACE as its backbone for its security needs.
Securing Commerce using SecurOS Transit

Cargill Russia

Download (741 KB)

From integration with access control and life safety systems, to automation and tracking using SecurOS Transit and SecurOS Auto, ISS provided a complete solution for Cargill's operations.
Integrating Surveillance, Business Intelligence, and Store Management at one of Colombia's largest retailers.

Homecenter Sodimac

Download (553 KB)

Surveillance, Face Recognition, and integration of Building Management, Access Control, and HVAC systems are all part of the ISS scope at Homecenter. The unified platform drives ROI for one Colombia's largest retailer in multiple manners, from reduction of liability and shrinkage to improved Business Intelligence.
The ISS SecurOS Solution for Esperanza Mining : Proactive Security 24/7

Esperanza Mining, Chile

Download (385 KB)

Securing one of South America's largest mining concerns is a formidable challenge. ISS SecurOS powers a complete security architecture that includes perimeter security, asset tracking, and third party devices, as well as maintaining ConOps procedures set by the mine management and regulatory requirements.
Intelligent Traffic Solution from ISS is a Game Changer for Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Download (438 KB)

Using video analytics for traffic control and management, the city of Santiago, Chile uses ISS technologies to enforce traffic policies citywide.
Centralized Management of Seaport Security at one SOuth America's largest Ports

Port of Itajai

Download (495 KB)

Terminals at the Port of Itajai use a variety of ISS SecurOS technologies, including SecurOS CARGO and SecurOS AUTO to integrate container character recognition, license plate recognition of trucks, access control, and perimeter alarm systems into one unified security and port operations solution.
Technology used to address both Traffic Safety and Crime Issues

Guatemala City CSI

Download (291 KB)

350 video surveillance cameras equipped with SecurOS LPR software from ISS had been installed at various points throughout the city to protect the citizens of one of Central America's largest cities.