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    Urban Surveillance

    City-wide monitoring with the SecurOS “All in One” platform.  Safer cities and superior quality of life.

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    License Plate and Cargo Recognition

    Accurate results, without proprietary cameras

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    Critical Infrastructure Protection

    Protecting  the national energy grid, ports, water supplies and nuclear reactor sites

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    Over 100,000 successful deployments in 53 countries

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    Facility and Campus Security

    Critical coverage, proactive software and incident prevention -or- Prevent incidents using proactive software

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Intelligent Security Systems

The ISS SecurOS solution set powers the most advanced video management and video analytics deployed anywhere in the world. From the warning and aversion of threats to the prevention of terrorism and the provision for the safety of people and economic well-being of businesses. ISS is the proven technology partner of the world’s largest integrators in the video security and surveillance marketplace.

ISS has a very wide range of deployments, in areas such as transportation, retail, banking, colleges, government, industry, and urban surveillance, and with a truly open platform that allows one to expand their solutions at their own pace. The SecurOS Solutions offered by ISS includes:


  1. Video Management System
  2. License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR)
  3. Container Recognition
  4. Face Capture and Recognition
  5. Carriage Recognition for Rail

VMS is no longer enough. Video Management Services (VMS) were a significant leap forward for the security industry when it was introduced a number of years ago. However, VMS has become a commoditized technology as the need for more intelligent and automated solutions grows for security clients. ISS has built on industry VMS technologies and developed advanced command and control solutions using multiple forms of analytics, automation, device and event monitoring and management.

More and more clients worldwide turn to ISS for their security needs because of our comprehensive video management and video analytics solutions.  SecurOS is the proven choice in the industry; our vision and commitment of achieving the vanguard position of surveillance technologies are what fundamentally drives the company forward.  ISS offers its worldwide customer base more convenience, more value, and more security.

Video Management System Video Management System

Value oriented but powerful - entry level to enterprise video management solutions.

Video Intelligence Video Intelligence

ISS intelligent solutions automate video analysis using advanced algorithms.

OceanStor 2800 V3

SecurOS™ Mobile

Security Industry



SecurOS has been designed to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of the ISS worldwide deployment base. As pioneers in video management and video analytics, ISS built its open platform from inception with an eye to long-range needs. As a result, SecurOS solutions can easily integrate with a variety of legacy and disparate systems, tying them together to create a comprehensive security solution. Video images based on algorithms that have their origin in satellite technology provide a level of pinpoint accuracy that has raised a new standard for the industry.

With over 100,000 systems in command of over 1.5 million cameras worldwide, in 53 countries and with over 400 global partners, SecurOS solutions have been proven time and time again in mission-critical installations worldwide.